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Наконец-то я узнал

о дальнейшей судьбе поросёнка Петра, который, наконец, свалил-таки из сраной Рашки.

Оказывается, он смылся в Израиль в Балтимор (разница, впрочем, эвентуальна), интегрировался в новое общество, сменил имя, но увы - подвергся жестокой дискриминации:

While waiting for the bus, a man tells Baxter the pig about the joys of Shabbat dinner. But before Baxter can find out how he, too, can join in the fun, the man has boarded the bus. Soon after, Baxter learns that he certainly cannot be a part of Shabbat dinner because he's not Kosher. So begins one pig's misguided quest to become Kosher. Will Baxter succeed or will his dreams of taking part in Shabbat dinner remain unfulfilled? Readers will cheer as a series of misunderstandings leads to a warm message of welcome and community.

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